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Dear David and Anna,

In this process, readiness and cooperation are crucial. When you are ready to sell your home, utilize this personalized listing website as a resource for assistance. Assisting someone in falling in love with your home is our mission, so we strive to make your home stand out from the competition and be aesthetically pleasing to all. The chance to collaborate with you and support you in attracting your real estate goals thrills us.

Kyle & Michael

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Prior to becoming a Real Estate agent, Kyle has over 10 years experience in the corporate business sector building brands and bringing them to market. He has a strong customer service background and has cultivated lasting relationships with his clients, always putting them first. He has a wide range of experience in all facets of Real Estate, including acquisition, development, and investment. He has bought and renovated multiple investment properties and has a deep knowledge of the Toronto real estate market. Managing his own assets and understanding that every situation is unique has given Kyle the ability to create highly effective strategies that build profit and satisfaction for his clients. In his spare-time Kyle loves to play sports and get involved in community activities. Kyle also volunteers his time towards charitable initiatives.





Michael, CD, is a second-generation Realtor® who combines the love for his industry with his passion for education. Prior to real estate, Michael was an instructor in the Canadian Forces where he served 15 years, Although now retired, Michael continues to volunteer as a veterans advocate. Michael began his real estate career in 2007 by purchasing his first investment property and working as a mortgage agent. He later enrolled at Griffith University in Australia to complete his Master’s before settling in Toronto to work exclusively as a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Realty Sales Representative. Michael currently leads his team to ensure each of his clients meet their 2018 real estate goals. He represents buyers, sellers and investors and considers education – both of clients and other real estate agents – a very important part of his role.

Five star reviews.

Based on 30 reviews
Blair Johnson
Blair Johnson
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Best in the business. A pleasure to work with Kyle and his team. Energetic, incredible professional and the results speak for themselves.
Ryan Quinn
Ryan Quinn
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Kyle and his team were excellent throughout my move to Toronto. I was looking to rent and moving from a different city, which is usually a painful experience, but Kyle and his team made it seamless. I gave them an idea of what I was looking for and the team then went out and found options for me. During the viewings, Kyle was extremely knowledgeable and gave me the inside scoop on each spot and location, the pros and cons of each, which as someone who's not familiar with Toronto was extremely helpful. Would highly recommend Kyle and his team to anyone looking to rent or buy in TO!
Keenan Miranda
Keenan Miranda
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This is real estate done right. Kyle and his team at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services have provided me with the absolute best real estate sale I have ever done. I usually attribute stress, worry, difficult decision making, and a lot of driving around to get real estate sales done. With this team, I never visited my property even ONE TIME !! They took care of literally everything. They prepped me for expectations, did the market research for the best price, advised me, did all the repairs, painting, and staging for the unit top to bottom (looked better than when I first bought it), put out marketing for it on social media, did all the showings, managed issues with the building, prepared all the paperwork and more than anything, in a very dicey market and difficult time with interest rates going crazy, and sales plummeting, he confidently gave me the advice I needed to get this done. We arrived at a sale with a price (which he fought for, even down to the smaller increments) my wife and I were happy with. He even got me a really good lawyer and had everything signed online. I literally didn't even go there once. He also handled the key drops to the buyer. That is how much trust and confidence there was. Seriously, he and his team are amazing professionals. I would recommend them to anyone looking to have this carefree experience with the confidence of real real-estate experience in the GTA behind them. Worth every penny of the commission. Thank you Kyle, Lindsay and the rest of the team for all the hard work and the seamless sale. You guys have set an incredibly high standard.
Heather Hafalla
Heather Hafalla
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Kyle took the time to get to know my husband and I while we were searching for options for pre-construction and resale properties, even over the holidays. He listened to our preferences and scheduled viewings based on our budget and key listings. We appreciated Kyle's low-key style. When we viewed properties, he gave my husband and I ample time to privately explore and talk without pressure. Kyle genuinely wanted to get us into a property that would meet our needs. When we were ready to make an offer on a property, Kyle was prompt, skillful yet realistic negotiator. We are happy with the property we purchased and grateful.
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Amazing and friendly service! Kyle Bridson made it easy for me to find and get my dream apartment :)
brooke vivian
brooke vivian
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Kyle was amazing! He knew exactly what we wanted and accommodated everything … plus we were on a bit of a time crunch and with this market he made what seemed to impossible possible! Quick to respond to anything we needed and was always there to help 24/7. Hiiiiighly recommend him!
Dallas Ricci
Dallas Ricci
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We worked with Kevin Nowacki on finding a rental for the upcoming year and he was very professional, diligent, and easy to work with. Kevin's extensive knowledge of not only allowed us to shop with confidence but also gave us a better understanding of what to expect. We look forward to working with him in the future!
Antonino Francesco Cerminara
Antonino Francesco Cerminara
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Can’t say enough about the tremendous level of service Kyle Bridson and team provided me throughout the entire process of selling my King Street West condo in Toronto. The situation felt manageable and simplified every step of the way, especially considering I wasn’t even in town to oversee the staging and showing process. From helping me move furniture in the final hours before the sale, to ensuring every contractual element was examined in detail, I always felt like I was dealing with an experienced realtor, who genuinely cared about my well-being. Would 100% recommend Kyle to anyone, and I genuinely look forward to partnering up with him on property investments in the future!
Bonnett Logan
Bonnett Logan
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Kevin N. was outstanding through the entire process of finding, seeing and securing a place for me. He thoroughly took his time to understand my preferences and presented some of the best possible places on the market. He's easy going and doesn't push or pressure you into anything, as he understands his clients desire to be happy with where they live. I would recommend Kevin to anyone who is looking to purchase or rent a home, as he's extremely knowledgeable about the Toronto/GTA market. Within the timeframe presented to Kevin, he was able to help me find an amazing place to live!
Chiedza M
Chiedza M
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I worked with Mandie and she was fantastic. She was VERY reliable and efficient. As a first time home buyer a lot was new to me and she was so patient with me. I could text her at any time of the day and she would respond promptly. She also made me the best Christmas treats :) I highly recommend working with Mandie. Best realtor ever!

Our Commitment To You

The ultimate goal is to make the process of selling your home as smooth and seamless as possible. Working together, we will determine the best possible price to sell your home in the least amount of time and inconvenience to you.  With our combined digital marketing & public exposure, our goal is to sell your home at Market Value or higher on offer night. We are here to educate you on the market, selling strategies and how to navigate an offer on your property. We are always here every step of the way. Even after we sell your home, we are dedicated to making sure your move, your closing and your transition into your new home is a pleasant and exciting experience. Our time together isn’t only a few weeks, we will spend many months emailing, having in person meetings and phone calls.  We want to get to know you, understand your needs and make sure we make all of your real estate needs a reality while creating a long lasting relationship. Think of us as your Real Estate Partners.

No matter the listing, we've got you covered with our stunning photography and videography.




Envisioning a space has never been easier.

Floor plans allow buyers to virtually explore your property from the comfort of their own home. Buyers are able to assess the functionality of the listing according to their wants and needs.

Listing details in stunning print marketing.

With our printed feature sheets, your property will be showcased in a unique and memorable way providing a dynamic experience that will capture immediate attention. Your property will be elevated to the next level, leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Workback Schedule

Eyes on your property is our priority.

We believe that it is our responsibility to get as many eyes as possible on your listing. We run paid advertisements to target fitting buyers for your property and market stunning photos on all social media platforms. We are proud of our specific targeting media strategy to assist in finding a perfect buyer for your home.

In order to be completely prepared for the launch of the listing, and to limit the stress during the live listing period, it is best we do as much as we can ahead of time to ensure the listing appeals to the most amount of buyers. We will work together to create a proposed timeline to show you when we would have to get started in order to go live on your desired date. This includes dates for a staging consult, professional house cleaning, a handyman for any repairs, staging day, photographer, videographer, etc. See below as an example.

Listing Consultation
Staging and Home Improvement Consult
Pre-List Cleaning
Staging Install
High Resolution Photos & Lifestyle Videography
For Sale Sign Install
Launch to MLS
Hold Open Houses

The first step to getting your home ready for sale is an in person Listing Consultation. Our team will meet with you to discuss your needs, wants and desired outcome of the sale of your property.

This consult will consist of going through your home with our Professional Stager to discuss items to pack away, fix and replace so your home stands out from the competition. You will be provided with a report on next steps to prep your home for the official staging date.

We will send a cleaner in for a deep clean, including doors, baseboards and more!

Our professional Stager and her team will take the day to stage your home to ensure it appeals to the taste of the masses and attract as many Buyers as possible. Click the arrow below to see their website.

We use only the best in the industry to highlight the beautiful features of your home with comprehensive floor plans, high resolution photography and lifestyle videography. This will be the foundation of your home's marketing and online presence.

A for sale sign and coming soon rider will be installed 3 days prior to listing your house to the public on MLS. This allows for early exposure in case your neighbours have friends and family wanting to move into the area.

Prior to going live on MLS, we will review one final time the most recent sales and current listings to determine the best listing strategy and price for your home.

We will hold open houses as much as possible to expose the home not just to those with realtors but those searching on their own. This is in an effort to capture both active and inactive Buyers. The open houses will be advertised on Realtor.ca, MLS, and via social media.

Pricing Strategy

The importance of pricing "right".

Your pricing strategy lays the foundation for both the quantity and quality of the potential buyers that your listing will attract. 

Below you will find the advantages and disadvantages of each pricing strategy as well as the percentage of buyers you can expect for each.

Comparable Sales

Properly pricing your property has a major impact on the level of interest you will generate and ultimately the sales price you will achieve for your listing. Comparable sales are the best measure of value and point to a fair market price range. Properties being introduced to the market are best placed in the right pricing position relative to recent comparable sales.

Available Competition

In today’s market, the current competition is as important as the most recent comparable sales.  Buyers will be viewing and comparing competing properties to your unit. They will make offers based on which one they feel has the most to offer them and provides the best value and will be monitoring sales that occur during the listing period for your property.

Pricing Your Home For Sale

  • Create enough interest to generate a multiple offer scenario
  • Shorter time on the market
  • Generate a lot of interest and showings
  • Multiple offers are not a guarantee
  • Risk getting “low ball” offers
  • You may miss out on buyers who are qualified for a higher amount who may not have considered a property listed at this lower price point
  • Alienate buyers who have participated in multiple offer nights and no longer wish to compete against other buyers – “Buyer Fatigue”
  • Attracts qualified buyers within their budget
  • Shorter time on the market VS over pricing the home
  • If the price is slightly below what the buyers are feel it’s worth, it can generate multiple offers
  • “Missing out” on the ability to get multiple offers and wondering if you could have received a higher price if you went to market low & held an offer night to generate multiple offers
  • You leave room for negotiations
  • Assurance you haven’t left any money on the table
  • Will discourage qualified, educated buyers
  • Will sit on the market for a longer period of time & will lead to re-listing your home at a lower price to attract a new buyers
  • Will encourage buyers to buy other competing homes that are listed for market value

Pricing strategy results.

Price vs Buyers

Priced Correctly
Percentage of Potential Buyers 100%
Over Priced by 10%
Percentage of Potential Buyers 50%
Over Priced by 15%
Percentage of Potential Buyers 20%
Over Priced by 20%
Percentage of Potential Buyers 10%

Price vs Days on Market

5 Days on Market
List to Sale Price 100%
10 Days on Market
Percentage Drop 95%
20 Days on Market
Percentage Drop 90%
30 Days on Market
Percentage Drop 80%

Key Selling Features

Stunning staging.

We’re all guilty of judging a book by its cover.​ When we shop online, we often choose to buy the product that has nicer pictures because we inherently trust those ads more. When we go to the store to buy products, we usually pick the ones with nicer, more organized labeling.

Thinking about your home’s best features will help you highlight them by putting more effort into staging them. If you have a beautiful deck with a great view, for example, spend time cleaning up and staging the deck as the perfect leisure space. By making sure those features shine, you’ll be making your home irresistible. 
The importance of staging a home can go beyond looks. When potential buyers have very positive first impressions of your home and can envision themselves in the best spaces of your home, they’ll see your home as more valuable. Highlighting your home’s best features can also increase the value. 

Homes that have been staged have an increased chance of getting offers over the asking price than those that have not been staged. Agents from the National Association of Realtors found that staging your home could boost your offers by 5%. For me, it’s always worth investing in your home to net you more on the sale of your home.

Pre-List Home Inspection

When buying a home there are bound to be deficiencies. Even brand new homes will have issues that need to be addressed. No home is ever perfect. Performing a home inspection prior to listing your home will help in three different ways; 
1.  It will help us understand if there is anything that needs immediate attention prior to listing your home.
2.  Helps the buyer understand where the deficiencies are and what to expect moving forward as the home ages.
3.  Helps the buyer set their price based on what may need to be fixed in the home and ideally present you with a firm offer.

A home inspection will also tell the buyer about what you can’t actually see with the naked eye. The age of the roof, furnace or air conditioner. Whether or not there has been a leak in the basement or inside the attic. What type of plumbing and wiring are in the home and so much more. A home inspection will educate your buyers and provide them with the information they need to make an educated decision when buying your home.  


Berkshire Hathaway Home Services


“We think the Berkshire Hathaway name will be good for HomeServices and HomeServices for Berkshire. When people are making the decision of the magnitude of buying a house, it’s the biggest decision a great many families will ever make. They want to know who they’re working with and we think that the Berkshire Hathaway name will be reassuring to many of those people.”

Warren Buffett

Chairman & CEO of Berkshire Hathaways Inc.

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